15 Guaranteed Signs he loves you!

Being with someone or even dating someone for so long and not knowing what he feels about you is a feeling that can take all your peace and sleep away. So, is there any way to find some signs he loves you? Of course, yes! Find out some never failed signs here!

Researchers say it is most difficult to say ‘I love you for a person who loves you. Sometimes guys are so scared of losing their love that they don’t disclose how they feel.

In such cases, you need some guidance when you are confused to figure out the feeling of the guy you are with. So, I am listing some very obvious signs he loves you without saying it.

“Love is like the wind, you can’t see it, but you can feel it.” ― Nicholas Sparks, “A Walk To Remember.”

Here we go!

Some Signs he loves you deeply:

Signs he loves you!

A man in love considers his partner the best thing ever. She is the most attractive, intelligent, and entertaining person. His natural tendency when he feels like he has won something is to flaunt you in front of everyone.

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Following are some natural signs you will find in your man who loves you deep down in his heart:

Signs he loves you secretly:

1. He cares ‘extra’ for you:

This is the most subtle indication that he loves you, yet it is also unmistakable. He wants to be aware of your feelings. And when you’re not feeling well, he makes an effort or uses sweet words to check on you.

Further, your happy face makes him happy and vice versa; this would clearly sign that he loves you secretly.

2. He looks at you differently:

When you catch him staring at you frequently, it means he loves you. Also, when you are in a group or just the two of you, you might get distracted by his passionate look.

Indeed, how he looks at you never fails to indicate his love for you.

Do not miss the looks!

3. He compliments you very often:

Does he compliment you more often? Then, you’re in luck. He loves you!

Yes. If a person does not miss a chance to compliment you, he is in love with you.

You might find him complementing for small things, like your smile, appearance or inner qualities like polite nature, helping attitude etc.

However, some might be trying to capture their trap by complimenting you. So, beware!

He may want to take advantage if he only compliments your physical appearance. So, stay aware!

4. He understands you well:

Understanding is the key for any relationship to flourish. If you feel that he understands you even when you’re quiet, he is madly in love with you.

Realization of your feelings means he knows you from the inside out. His love for you is simply everlasting!

5. He is always there for you:

Do you find him with you whenever you need help, support or favour? Does he come up whenever you need him? He might be more than a friend or a colleague or your dating partner. He may be your spouse. If so, he is definitely worth your love.

6. He is very Affectionate:

If your spouse or dating guy never fails to show affection for you, it means he is in love with you.

Such men don’t miss a chance to show their affection for you. He might cuddle you, hug you, and hold your hands more often. And he may kiss your forehead much often.

He doesn’t need any reason to show his love for you.

Some odd signs that he loves you:

Now we talk about some signs that you might feel a little weird, but he shows his love for you!

7. He is possessive or jealous:

Does your talking with some other man or a person makes him uncomfortable?

You are seen as his love, wife or queen. He values you as a crucial component of his life and does not want to lose you.

If a guy loves you, he would gladly showcase you around. He calls you his heart rob and cherishes you.

Remember, his discomfort should not mean to control you. He doesn’t have to forbid you from going to celebrations and events. Those are security issues. That is a shame.

His eyes never leave you alone!

8. He discusses his plans with you and wants to know yours:

Men are very secretive when discussing their plans with a woman.

If he does so, he loves you for sure, and if he asks yours, there is no doubt about it.

You will feel that there is a special place for you in the future. He may discuss all his finance and career plans. He may picture a future where you are with him if you are still dating.

Listen to him carefully!

9. He is patient with you all the time:

Your man is the epitome of peace with you. Even your bad mood doesn’t make him annoyed.

If so, he is the man of your dreams and loves you unconditionally.

In fact. He tries to calm you down and please you so that you will feel good, which is a good sign of your love.

Signs he loves you secretly and unconditionally:

Only some of the blessed souls on this Earth find their true love. True love is pure and unconditional.

If you find the following signs, you will be lucky as your man or the guy you see these days loves you in that way!

So, check if you’re lucky!

10. He can go the extra mile to see you happy:

If he can do anything to see you happy, certainly he loves you unconditionally.

You are surprised to see he can do anything, anytime, just for your happiness; it means his love is unconditional for you.

Cherish being together! It’s a blessing that is not given to everyone!

11. He apologizes for patching up:

Males are known for their egos. Yet, if they love someone unconditionally, they keep their ego aside.

Yeah! Every relationship has some wonderful or bad moments. But if he loves you deeply, he would want to patch up soon. And wants to see you around him with a happy face.

For this, he takes ‘no time to say ‘sorry’ irrespective of whose mistake it was. If you are having these experiences, then be sure! He loves you!

12. He is protective:

Does he protect you? Does he protect you not only from physical injury but also from any unfavourable circumstances that might arise?

Congratulations. He loves you if he does this.

Indeed, men have a natural tendency to defend women. I a man wants to be your hero, he will always want to stand up and provide for and protect the woman in his life- be it his girlfriend or wife!

13. He admires you irrespective of your age and beauty:

Of course, many admire your beauty in your younger years, but if your man admires you even when you are old, never leave him.

Yes, he loves you from within!

14. You are his priority:

Being someone’s priority makes you feel special. If he puts you as his priority and finds to spend some quality time even on his busiest day, then you have found your true love.

He will prioritize and treat you with respect if he truly loves you. You will be among the significant and dearly loved individuals in his life.

His behaviours make it obvious that he cares about you, thinks highly of you, and will stop at nothing to meet your needs and contribute to your happiness and well-being.

15. He cares for you while love-making:

If a guy sees only physical you and wants sex from you, he won’t care how you feel and want in your ‘intimate times.’

However, this is the opposite in the case of a loving, caring husband or boyfriend. First of all, his priority is your feelings and not the sex. Second, he will ask about your feelings and respect your likes and dislikes in bed.

If you have such a person in your life, he is undoubtedly madly in love with you.

“The only love worthy of a name is unconditional.” – John Powell

Final Words:

So you have got the signs that he cares about you. Remember that his actions speak louder than his words when understanding his feelings. Always be watchful of his actions. He may not speak, but his behavior indicates that he is in deep love with you.

“Spend your time on those that love you unconditionally. Don’t waste it on those that only love you when the conditions are right for them.” – Unknown.

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