Our Experts

Marley Howard

Being loved is the greatest feeling ever that you can have. But, sometimes, things don’t go right.

After some time, you start feeling suffocated being in a relationship that is not fulfilling and happy anymore. 

You feel stressed. You feel anxious and empty.  But I believe you deserve all the love of life! You deserve all the happiness, love, and affection. 

Hi, I am Marley Howard, a Licensed Family and Marriage Therapist with over 12 years of experience. 

I have dealt with thousands of couples dating, living in a live-in relationship, and even married couples with relationship issues, stress, anxiety, less intimacy, romance, and seeking quality time with each other.

Nowadays, it is very common. Relationship problems are rising among couples due to stressful work and busy lifestyles. 

However, with the right guidance and advice of an expert, things can be managed better. The love life can again be put on the right track. 

With over 12+ years of experience, I have supported people with the right guidance and advice, ultimately helping them have a better love life. 

I listen to people with deep empathy and calm to find the best possible solution for their greatest happiness in a relationship, better love-life, and ultimately a happy and loving life ahead. 

I am just a text away from you. Book a session right now to have a live talk with me.

Let’s find a peaceful, happy, and loving way of life together!

Katherine Gomez

Hi, I am Katherine Gomez, a registered dietitian with clinical and research experience at major hospitals in Michigan City.

I have done the Nutrition and Dietic major at the Michigan State University.

I believe that proper nutrition is the key aspect of a healthy life. Therefore, I bust the myths about food and nutrition and develop factual information that should be available to everyone.

Also, I love writing, and my passion for writing led me to perfectly combine my knowledge and experience of being an RD; therefore, I share my knowledge here with you!

Jessica Miller

Hello, I’m Jessica.

Are you feeling frustrated? Feeling discouraged at work or feeling a lack of motivation to work?

Are you struggling with your relationships, work, and health?

Together, we can identify what is not working and get you back to the perfect balance.

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with over a decade of experience helping people find the perfect control of their lives and careers.

You need a safe space to heal and grow; I’m here to help.

For over 10+ years, I have dealt with patients with various mental health issues, and I feel proud and satisfied saying that today they are happily living with the right guide for balancing their emotions.

You also deserve all the happiness of this universe.

Emily Newman

I am Emily Newman. I am a psychic reader, spiritual healer, counselor, Tarot reader and astrologer with 10 years of experience at best of psychic reader.

Visitors who come to me for psychic reading discover their lives, hopes, fears, and hearts. They make decisions and take preventive measures where and when needed in light of my honest guidance.

I share the wisdom and guidance available around you; it’s all about connecting you with your positive energy. Once you make sound yet straightforward choices to communicate with your inner self, your angels, your higher self, and spiritual guides, you can experience vast love, power with your inner self, and peace that is your legacy. As human beings, we all need all these things badly to build a positive and persuasive personality.

I love serving humanity in my way; it gives me great joy as I manifest your dreams and solve your challenges.

Contact me for a quick consultation to help me evaluate the best way to work together. (Understand that this will be a confidential and private conversation between you and me.)