How to make the moon water? Step-By-Step Guide to make the best!

We are aware of possibilities and the magnanimous powers owned by our galaxy. Moon is the one whose powers cannot be ignored. Moon water is a fine and easy way to grab the little power of the beautiful Moon. Let’s learn ‘How to make moon water in this article.’

Want to know more about Moon Water? Stick to the article.

Well, perhaps you know that people who are deeply spiritual, witches, and saints have been using moon water for different purposes. It has the power to bless you with a beautiful life.

Nowadays, many people make moon water at home and use it for several purposes. First, it can classify yourself and your house of all the negative energies and help you bring prosperity to your lives.

So, without much ado, let’s dive deeper into the Moon Water.

Moon Water: All About the Magical Water you should know

There is no question regarding the Moon’s extraordinary power among many astrologers, magicians, and mystics. These people engage in specific activities using the immense attracting power of this planet. Yes, The Moon possesses a special attraction force. Thus Moon is a strong manifestation and magic instrument.

It practically controls your awareness, especially when you align yourself with the Moon. The energy currents of the Moon interact to cause this.

The question is how you can align yourself with the Moon’s energy. Yes, you can do that by creating moon water.

What is the Moon Water?

Moon Water is nothing but the water that has been charged with lunar energy throughout the new and full Moon and even various other phases of the Moon.

Therefore, the moon’s water absorbs some of the energy from the full Moon’s brightness when it comes into touch with it.

The moon water is firmly believed to enhance your subliminal sentiments and emotions. Additionally, it supports the recovery and renewal of our spiritual bodies. It works as magic to get rid of negativity in your life.

In short, It is a way to welcome abundance and prosperity in your life!

Why treat water with the power of the Moon and not anything else?

Many people come to us and ask why to prepare only the water with Moon’s energy. Can we make any food items, likewise?

For such queries, my research, theories, and observations say that our body consists of about 70% water. Water is responsible for the smooth functioning of our body.

Thus when we use the water from the Moon, it spreads into our body well, and the energy flows through the body and maximizes its effects.

When should we make Moon Water?

The energy of the Moon varies significantly depending on the Moon’s distinct phases. This ultimately has an impact on the potency of your moon water.

Following are the phases and the related causes to make the moon water is given; you must take a look!

New Moon: The New Moon is characterized by new beginnings, goals for the site, cleanliness, and transparency.

Waxing Gibbous: Encompasses growth, success, activity, planning, motivations, intents,

Gibbous waxing signifies refinement, attention, good health, and abundant energy.

Full Moon: Strength, achievement of goals, clarity, and healing under the Full Moon

Waning Gibbous: Controlling bad habits, banishing curses, and breaking curses; Removing Curses and Binds; reflecting happiness; releasing negativity, etc

Thus it is very clear that we should decide what phase to choose to make the Moon Water. It depends on what we are going to use the water for!

Now, let’s check out the Moon Water recipe:

How to make Moon Water? Complete Ritual

Moon water is a fantastic source of energy and serenity for you.

Moon water is quite simple to prepare because only a few ingredients are required.

Ingredients to prepare Moon Water:

1. A glass bottle or container

2. Water – any distilled spring water, river water, or tap water. It must be drinkable.
2. Labels, a pen.

3. herbs, crystals, and flowers to your water. ( optional)

4. Incense (Optional)


1. Choose the Moon’s Phase:

Before starting, choose the right phase for you. If you want to start something or want growth and success, your phase should be a new moon.

Likewise, to get rid of anxiety and other negative feelings, make the Moon water under the waning phase.

2. Select the Container:

The next step is to get a clean container or bottle made up of glass. Then, wipe the container well and fill it with the water you want to charge through the moonlight.

3. Find the Best place to get the maximum moonlight:

Put your water container or jar somewhere where the moonlight will catch it, like on a windowsill, the patio, terrace, balcony, or another location.

The ideal setting for this overnight moonlight exposure is usually outside.

Placing it along a window sill would be sufficient if you live in an apartment or otherwise have limited access to the outside. Whereas if you have a terrace or a lawn, better to keep it there.

4. Add Flowers, crystals, and Herbs to Your Moon Water container:

However, the step is optional but the way to improve your moon water’s aesthetic value. The addition of additional flowers or herbs is one well-liked method.

You can add water with roses for love, lavender for relaxation, chamomile for cleansing, or anything else you’re aiming for. Many people favor adding it after boiling water to make moon water.

Some people use these flowers or herbs directly when exposed to the moonlight.

The key is that you must filter your moon water, in any case, to keep it as pure as possible.

You can skip this step if you don’t want to use crystals, herbs, or anything else.

5. Label the container:

Now it’s the time to label. Write the date and phase of the Moon for which you are making Moon water.

You can memorize the date and certain moon phases or signs, making it useful for long-term use.

6. Keep the container overnight:

Let the jar or container sit in the moonlight all night and set your intentions for charging moon water. When everything is set up, leave the jar in the moonlight overnight.

The Moon water will be ready to use the next morning after an overnight exposure!

Uses of the Moon Water:

The Moon Water has several benefits and can be used in a variety of ways:

Spiritual Use:

Lunar symbolism can be found in almost all world religions, but it is particularly prevalent in astrology.
A moon water ritual, or making moon water, according to Halley, can put you in “flow” with the universe.

For Healing:

It is said that the moon’s water contains extraordinary healing power. However, there is no scientific evidence.

You can be healed from within. It helps you to learn acceptance and helps you to revive both mentally and physically.


If you have any skin infections, try Moon water. It is an excellent remedy to rejuvenate your skin.

As per Halley,

Moon water can be used in a few ways as part of your beauty routine,”

For cleaning purposes:

Mix some moon water into your cleaning products to give your house a thorough, energetic cleanse.

For Drinking:

You can use the water for drinking. You can even boil it and enjoy every sip to realign with the energy of the Moon from the inside out.

Moon Bath:

A wonderful method to connect to lunar energy is to take a full moon bath. To deepen your connection, add your moon water to your bathing water.

Ayurveda, astrology, and others strongly believe that moon water is an excellent way to receive spiritual energies.


Moon water is a powerful tool you can use for manifestation.

Just believe that ‘ this Moon water is healing me,’ or This Moon Water is blessing me with abundance.

Spray water into the house:

Moon water is a wonderful way to connect to the Moon directly. So put the water in a spray bottle and spray it in every nook and corner of your house.
For watering plants:

You can use water for watering the plants. These are the uses to keep your house away from negative energies.

Note that you must consume your Moon water in a month!


It all comes down to purpose when deciding how to use your moon water. There is no denying that the Moon carries stronger energy, so why not make the most of it?
The Moon has long been affecting us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Some claim that drinking, spritzing, or bathing in moon water will enable us to access that power.

Despite the lack of scientific evidence, moon water has been used for healing and spirituality for ages.

Give it at least a try. It’s worthy it!

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